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Hunting Rabbits With Air Guns and Dogs

Posted on May 14, 2018 in Tools

The Fundamental Retrieving Dog

The puppy is then used for the more difficult retrieves or for locating the match, but not for the simple retrieves. The reason for not using a retriever on a straightforward fetch is that it motivates the dog to charge in for each retrieve.Image result for Cheap Airsoft Rifle png

If you cannot control this, you’re then in the situation where your dog is a responsibility and will lose your game when you happen across two rabbits instead of the one. Fairly often, when utilizing an air-rifle, you will have the ability to kill one rabbit of a set after which the second since the weapon is quiet.

Hence the rule is, just send your puppy for retrieves throughout the water, either in cover or at which a wounded rabbit is operating. Retrieving a running rabbit should only be undertaken if a puppy is trained on the chilly game and real retrieves, and so is stable to shot. Under other circumstances, you will promote running in again.

The Squirrel Dog

The second method of using a dog when shooting an air-rifle, (or rifle or shotgun) is when hunting for squirrels. When chasing these animals, you will often find that they’ll keep the back of this tree between yourself and them.

In this circumstance, the breed is immaterial; even a terrier will be sufficient to attain the intended outcome. All you need is a dog which can respond to hand signals, and that you can send away from you. The squirrel will then tend to maintain the back of the dog, and present a straightforward shot. Just make sure you stay still while the dog is doing its job.

After a while, the dogs will get used to hunting in this manner. Never send a gundog to recover a wounded squirrel, the fact that they sting so tough will destroy the puppy’s mouth (i.e., they will become hard mouthed). If you are utilizing a terrier, however, allow it to run in – you aren’t working out it as a gundog.

Rabbits, Pointers and Air Rifles

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The third and final means of using a gundog having an air rifle, and one I particularly like, is to use a pointer to tip rabbits in light cover. Ideally suited for your air rifle, because you’ll disturb very few rabbits and the puppy can place them much better than possible.

Ken Devonald has been coaching gundogs on and off for twenty years, currently having two GSPs.

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