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That Addiction Treatment Programs Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment Services

Posted on June 12, 2018 in Health

Drug addiction and alcoholism are generally associated with psychological disorders. Yet, treatment for dual diagnosis was administered in separate services–a fracture which has its roots planted in days of age.

Redesigning addiction therapy and psychiatric services

There have been efforts in recent years to deal with this issue by restructuring and incorporating addiction therapy services and psychiatric services. 1 such effort is the execution of technical dual diagnosis treatment applications, in which, ideally, therapy can be supplied at 1 facility. Presently a large percentage of mental health and addiction treatment centers offer you such dual diagnosis applications, maybe suggesting that change is upon us.

Progress in Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Evaluation Programs

Regardless of the enthusiastic reception of those dual diagnosis programs in a variety of configurations, empirical tests of a number of the prior treatment applications in mental health settings produced equivocal results. From recognized outcomes, an individual could conclude, that while integration of services to handling dual diagnosis clients is a desired goal; it isn’t sufficient. Dual diagnosis is associated with greater exposure to occupational and home uncertainty, victimization, and medical complications like HIV disease and hepatitis. Meeting the specific needs of dual diagnosis clients in such domains requires extra services and, frequently, intensive case-management–tools which aren’t available at many chemical abuse or dependence treatment programs.

More recent research of detailed dual diagnosis applications where some of the distinctive needs of customer are met, have generated encouraging results encouraging the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of dual diagnosis treatment applications. It’s not clear, but to what extent that the dissemination of dual diagnosis applications across various addiction therapy centers in the past several years has been matched with expansion of the other required services.

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