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The Way to Choose the Best Random Orbital Sander

Posted on May 2, 2018 in Tools

Knowing which random orbital sander to purchase could be a challenge. There are many brands to select from, and much more models within each brand. It’s crucial to understand each of the features available so you may make an educated choice it is time to purchase. Listed below are just three of the most significant factors to consider when buying one of those machines.

Variable Rate Settings

Some orbital sander models include variable speed settings, which allow you to control how fast or slow the sander orbits. This may be a very useful feature if you’re using your sander for many distinct purposes such as fast removal of old paint or stain and applying a smooth end. This extra level of versatility will have you reaching for your orbital sander in many sanding jobs.

On Board Dust Collection

Many sanders today include on-board dust collection. This feature is particularly handy because it can save you a lot of cleanup time. Sanders with dust collection with have rubber holes built to the sanding pad, which suck up dust as it is created as you work. This dust is then sent to either a dust canister or bag that is directly connected to the machine. Particular models will also allow you to hook the sander directly to a vacuum hose, for better dust collection capability.

Created for Comfort

If you are going to use best random orbital sander 2018 for several hours, then it’s important to make sure it’s comfortable. Most orbital sanders are designed to be very comfortable on your hands, and frequently have rubberized grips for extra comfort. Some will even come with two handles so that you can grip the machine in many different ways while sanding.

These three features are simply some of the many items to consider when buying an orbital sander. Things like cost, durability, warranties and more must also be considered.

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