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Yes Yes Yes Yellow Pages Are Still Standing!

Posted on April 27, 2018 in ADDS

The passing of the large page jaunes gratuites has been predicted. The internet took a toll on its relevancy, especially in recent years with the competitive entrance of the biggest search engine into the local area. There is also competition from numerous internet directories.Image result for Yellow Pages

Once on time, advertising in the telephone directory book was a must for businesses, because it was a good means to reach new customers. Today, business owners are less likely to cover placement – they prefer to spend their money on advertising that leads to sales directly.

In comparison with various digital marketing and advertising opportunities, published yellow page ads are much more expensive. You must commit to a complete year. You can’t monitor leads almost as easily as you can with internet advertising.

Simply cataloging local information for those customers doesn’t cut it. The companies behind the yellow pages are desperately trying to promote their internet presence and turn themselves into digital businesses. One such company launched a mobile app.

Print publishers have also started offering digital services to their clients, such as website development, search engine marketing services, video production, and Facebook pages generation, in addition to promoting advertising to small businesses. More than forty percent of the revenue now comes in the digital services.

Recently, a large yellow pages writer entered Chapter 15.

Have these publishers overlooked the digital ship? The revenue from print advertisements is decreasing year by year, and that is likely to continue. That stays to be seen.

Printed phone directories continue to be around, but the customers in major markets can now go out of receiving them. For them, it is more than useless – it’s an environmental liability!

Who’s still reaching for published yellow pages? Seniors are! Recently, one publisher was ordered to distribute printed phone directories for the elderly – as a community service obligation.

Small business marketing is inherently a neighborhood action. Furthermore, those customers that are coming through yellow pages advertising convert at a higher rate. Local businesses should therefore probably remain in the books – if that works for them.

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